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Cook County Business Development Resources


To support small businesses and entrepreneurs, encourage public/private investment, and grow Cook County’s tax base, the Cook County/Grand Marais Joint Economic Development Authority (“EDA”) has created the Business Development Fund Grant Program. This grant program is designed to meet businesses where they are at and fund projects and ideas that contribute to overall economic development in Cook County. The program is intentionally flexible: the EDA wants to encourage a variety of applications and projects that can stabilize and grow existing businesses as well as help diversify our economic ecosystem.

Program Guidelines

Business Development Grant Program Guidelines_04162024
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Application Form

Business Development Grant _ Application Form
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The purpose of the Cook County Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is to promote economic development within Cook County by providing loans to businesses located, or to be located, within Cook County and to promote affordable housing for employees of those businesses, as necessary, for continued economic development within the County.

Loans made or provided by the County are intended to create and maintain permanent private sector jobs, expand the tax base and increase economic productivity; and/or create the inducement necessary to allow a project to proceed, and/or for employee housing if businesses cannot retain or attract employees because of a lack of affordable housing.

Loans made or provided by the County are intended to complement, not compete, with private lending institutions.

Revolving Loan Fund website copy 03 13 24
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Application no Bank Participation

Application Bank Participation

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