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Small Business Development Center

Our local consultant can help you with business plans, projections, and locating financing. SBDC consultant have specific areas of expertise to best support your business needs. Our entire team at Northland Small Business Development Center is dedicated to uplifting your business and will work diligently to communicate across teams and within specialty areas to support your business.

We offer phone, video, or in-person consultations. All our consultations are in confidence unless there is client permission by signing a form.

•       Starting a Business

•       Feasibility Analysis and Studies

•       Market Research

•       Advertising/Sales

•       Financial Analysis

•       Loan Packaging

•       Record Keeping Systems

•       Business Expansion

•       Exit Planning

•       E-commerce

•       Website Development and Analysis

•       Social Media Marketing

•       Software Search and Recommendations

•       Export Assistance

Pat Campanaro

Cook County SBDC Business Consultant

(651) 336-2964

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Helping Businesses Start, Grow and Succeed

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