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Cedar Grove Business Park
Grand Marais
Cook County, Minnesota

Cedar Grove Map_revised 7-17-2023 jpg.jpg

Commercial lots are available in Grand Marais, Minnesota through the Cook County EDA. 

The map shows available lots in Green: 

  • Block 6, Lot 2

  • Block 4, Lot 2

  • Block 4, Lot 3

  • Block 4, Lot 4

  • Block 4, Lot 5

  • Block 2, Lot 1

Click on the map to download a PDF.


Contact the Cook County/Grand Marais EDA Office for more details. 

Construction Stormwater Permitting

All development in Cedar Grove Business Park requires a Construction Stormwater Permit with the State of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. All property owners must apply in coordination with the EDA.

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